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Welcome to GreekBible:

A Community-Driven Translation of the Greek Bible

GreekBible seeks to generate a sense of community centered on the translation and interpretation of the Greek Bible. For our purposes Greek Bible refers to the Greek New Testament as well as the collection of Greek texts, mostly translations of earlier Hebrew and Aramaic texts, known as the Septuagint.

  • Regarding New Testament texts, the readings that will be uploaded here will generally conform to those published in the 27th edition of Nestle-Aland and the 4th revised edition of the United Bible Societies. Even so, we welcome discussions and alternative translations that take their cue from variants in the manuscripts as well as from the Byzantine tradition. These secondary readings (from the perspective of NA27 and UBS4rev, not necessarily from the perspective of the "original" manuscripts) should be discussed in the discussion forum at the bottom of the relevant page (rather than in the main text).
  • Regarding Septuagint texts, the books that will be uploaded and worked upon here will not be restricted to those books that are accepted in the Protestant canon. The Septuagint — as a collection of texts — is not simply a Greek translation of the "Old Testament"; it included histories, legends, additions, and wisdom that are generally included in the Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical lists. As with the New Testament texts, discussions and translations of variants found in the manuscripts are welcomed and encouraged in the relevant discussion fora found at the bottom of every webpage.

The primary audience I have in mind at the launch of GreekBible are interested students, faculty, and administrators of Johnson Bible College. Nevertheless, I welcome anyone interested in the translation and interpretation of the Greek Bible to join us and contribute to the discussion. Whether you arrived at GreekBible through a search engine, from a link on Verily Verily or another biblioblog, or you were invited by an existing member, please feel free to poke around and check out what's going on. If you're interested in uploading a portion of the Greek Bible, please feel free to contact me.

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