Genesis 1–11 [LXX]

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This wiki page is jointly hosted by Rafael Rodríguez and David Reece, of Johnson Bible College.

Genesis 1-11 [LXX] serves two purposes:

  1. First, students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and who have taken Greek to fulfill their language requirement will be able to develop and sharpen their Greek skills. Because the two-year Greek program takes place during the Sophomore and Junior years, students find the rewards for their hard work in Greek beginning to fade and (gasp!!) disappear during their Senior year and beyond. This site provides the opportunity for students who don't want to suffer this fate to continue working with the Greek text in a community of like-minded scholars. Our hope is that this project might become a hobby of sorts for its users.
  2. Second, students intending to take the BIBL 4010 seminar on Genesis 1-11 during the Spring 2009 semester will hopefully find this to be an interesting and vital component of that class. Though the seminar won't focus exclusively on the LXX text, this ancient Greek translation represents an important moment in the reception of Gen. 1-11. This is especially true insofar as the New Testament authors and the early church read the Septuagint, so the Greek form of Gen. 1-11 may actually be closer to their understanding of these traditions than the Masoretic text underlying the English translations with which most of you are familiar. In this light, we hope that even students who aren't able to participate in the translation and interpretation of the LXX text will find the interpretive and exegetical discussions helpful during the course of the seminar. This wiki is open to all JBC students, not just those in the Greek BA program.


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Genesis 1–11 [LXX]:

NOTE: When I access the Greek text pages on Internet Explorer (via Parallels), the browser has problems displaying the Greek text. I don't have these problems when accessing the text pages on Safari or Firefox (via Mac OS X). I don't know how Firefox will handle the Unicode font running from Windows, but when I get a chance to test it I will post the results here.

UPDATE: I checked the Greek text pages on a PC, and I didn't have any problems reading the Unicode font in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you have problems, you can download the .pdf and/or .docx versions of Genesis 1–11 by clicking on files (located at the bottom of this page).

UPDATE II: I just realized the original problem I had accessing the Unicode font on IE (via Parallels): I'm using IE6 (rather than IE7; a beta version of IE8 is available here). If you're having any problems accesssing the text files, try downloading Internet Explorer 7. If you still have problems, please send me an e-mail.

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